TEAM CBT Business Track – ONLINE training: May 19, June 16 and June 30, 2023


For Psychologists, Therapists, Coaches, and Trainers – TEAM CBT is a comprehensive and easily understandable system that enables highly effective interventions and therapies for all kinds of problems. It works best in the areas of EMOTIONAL DISORDERS, RELATIONSHIPS, HABITS, and ADDICTIONS.

For Managers, Leaders, Managing Directors, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs – TEAM CBT methods help maintain engagement,motivation and effectively support employees and teams in the challenges of the VUCA world. TEAM CBT helps reduce stress, build well-being and prevent burnout.

For Psychology students – accessible, clearly described, tested and effective tools for working with first clients – during crisis interventions, consultations, meetings, and also for use in self-work.

For EVERYONE who wants to lead a beautiful and fulfilling life – learning the method and testing it during training allows everyone to remove BLOCKING BELIEFS, change HARMFUL HABITS, support the ACHIEVEMENT OF GOALS and create a life to the fullest of their potential WITHOUT ANY FAKES.

Individuals who learn TEAM CBT method, experience personal and professional transformation that permanently changes their lives and work for the better.


TEAM CBT is a new, promising approach to cognitive-behavioral therapy. During our trainings a team of experienced trainers are teaching the TEAM model developed by CBT pioneer, Professor David Burns. Our lecturers have trained directly with Dr. Burns for many years and now run TEAM CBT training programs both online and in centers worldwide. Trainings includes interactive workshops where participants are able to learn and practice elements of this innovative approach, receiving expert support in all techniques. The trainings are open to anyone interested in learning the basics of TEAM. Both laypeople and professionals are welcome.

Dr. Burns, a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, is a renowned teacher and writer and co-creator of cognitive-behavioral therapy. . Thanks to his extraordinary ability to explain complex concepts in lay language, he has translated the ideas of his mentor, Aaron T. Beck, into the language of the masses. He gained worldwide fame with his 1980 bestseller “Feeling Good” (Polish edition: “Radość życia czyli jak zwyciężyć depresję. Teoria zaburzeń nastroju”), which has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. “Feeling Good” was the first evidence-based self-help book in the mass market and the first scientifically proven bibliotherapy tool for the treatment of depression. Dr. Burns inspired the founding of the California-based Feeling Good Institute at which many conference faculty teach. TEAM is now being taught to laypeople worldwide and proving effective in the context of the low-intensity CBT movement.

What is TEAM CBT? TEAM is an acronym for:

T - Testing

TEAM utilizes self-report scales to quickly and accurately measure a patient’s depression, suicidality, anxiety, and other emotions before and after each session. The therapeutic alliance is also measured at the end of each session via the same brief, self-report scales.

E - Empathy

Empathy refers to the therapeutic alliance, an essential component of any therapy. TEAM presents simple, effective ways of creating and maintaining a therapeutic alliance with any patient; even those oftentimes dismissed as “resistant,” “difficult, or “borderline,” etc.

A - Agenda

Setting is the core of the TEAM model. It provides therapists high-speed methods to identify workable therapeutic agendas and navigate resistance to change. At its core, TEAM agenda setting recognizes that any symptom is also a “solution.” Recognizing this dual nature of clinical presentations sets the foundation for meaningful change.

M - Methods

During our four-day training, 50 cutting-edge methods will be presented, and 10 will be presented in detail. Frequent role-plays and opportunities to practice will consolidate attendees’ learning. Dr. Burns urges us to “fail as fast as you can,” thus moving quickly and smoothly to the next method to find that one that will be effective.

TEAM CBT is a comprehensive and teachable system that enables therapists to deliver highly effective psychotherapy for any presenting problem. TEAM therapists themselves oftentimes experience profound personal and professional transformation as a result of their work.

We invite you to join this transformative adventure.