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Online Training by
Conference Faculty

Feeling Good is the website of David Burns MD with links to his podcast, blog posts, books and training.

All Things CBT is a weekly online consultation and training program, open to everyone, led by Daniel Mintie and his TEAM colleagues. Daniel also curates the YouTube channel All Things CBT which features TEAM CBT training modules and interviews with experts throughout the mental health field.

TEAM Therapy Training is the website of Leigh Harrington and her TEAM colleagues, with links to upcoming training, blog posts and other programming.

TEAM-CBT Training For Therapists is Thai-An Truong’s website with information about her workshops, webinars, conferences and individual TEAM consultation and training.

Dipti Joshi is the first TEAM trainer in Southeast Asia. She offers online training for professionals throughout India and beyond.

The Feeling Great Therapy Center offers online training, free training videos and a book club. Heather Clague and Rhonda Barovsky offer regular training at FGTC.

Mike Christensen directs the Feeling Good Institute, Canada, which offers online TEAM training and consultation both in group and individual formats.

TEAM-CBT Mexico , led by Victoria Chicurel and Silvina Bucci, offers Spanish language TEAM training on line and in person in Mexico City.